Aither Nestbuilder

A griffin with the forequarters and plumage of a Kestrel, the hindquarters and fur of a tiger, and a heart of gold. Aw!


Like all avians, Aither Nestbuilder takes exceptional care of his feathers. The coloration of his face, chest, and wings are very similar to that of a common Kestrel: Black with a vertical white stripe under his eyes, slate dominating the top of his head, with a brighter orange along the back of his neck. His chest and underside are a dappled brown and white, while his wings are striped brown and black.

Normally, Aither wears very little aside from leather flight bags (the griffin equivalent to saddle bags) and a necklace bearing the symbol of his deity, the Sun. However, when performing official priestly duties, he has some very nice barding. The barding covers his back, sides, rump and chest, made of white cloth and bright yellow embroidering. It has the sun on the front and the sides along with the heraldry of his aviary, plus some bright fringe along the edges.


Aither wants to change the world and make it a better place. He believes deeply in justice and solving issues through peace whenever possible. He prefers to give bad people a chance to redeem themselves. When faced with true evil he will not hesitate to call upon the Sun’s power, burning the irredeemable in a raging inferno of righteous justice.

He also developed a curiosity and talent for arcane magic. Specializing in Transmutation, he tries to use his magic to make his foes weaker and his friends stronger to the point where a fight doesn’t need to happen at all. And, most importantly, to amuse children for whom he has a soft spot.

Having grown up with a warm and loving family that supported his desire for knowledge and his drive to serve the gods, he’s an accepting, friendly, eager-to-please griffin who’d much rather make friends than enemies. A combination of wanderlust and a gentle nudging by the Sun has sent him on a journey to explore the world and see what it has to offer.

Aither is a bit quirky – he has an obsessive need to organize things – and he tends to talk a lot. A LOT. It’s a good thing that his traveling companion is a good listener.

Accompanying Aither is Sputnik, his Raven familiar, who likes to play tricks on his griffin and is attracted to shiny objects.

Aither Nestbuilder

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